comm sop

Has anyone actually used the nachi comm sop?

And if you did, did you realize the massive work load that could have dumped on your lap after you already agreed on a price?

Here is one example from the sop:

5.3 Documents to be reviewed and included in the inspection report
The inspector should review all documents provided by the client and owner. The inspector should also make an inquiry and review of any other documents that can be reasonably procured on-site or from the building owner or manager such as Certificates of Occupancy, building code violation notices, repair invoices, and warranties.

No I haven’t…

but $100.00 p/hr for document review should just about cover it. :smiley:

Have used it extensively because I can freely distribute it to clients and within the report.

I send out a request letter asking for all those documents along with the quote, scope of work, and inspection contract. I have yet to have a client or seller provide me with anything than the listing sheet. Notice it does not say anywhere to what depth you need to review the documents or required reporting statements.

I know quite a few of our users have used it since we created a commercial template for it. I believe there’s a few sample’s posted on our message boards, I’ll have to look.

Bruce, you quoted 5.3. Read 5.2 first. It will explain why the burden of the research is not on the inspector. Also, read 11. All you have to do is send that one letter and anything they fail to produce is none of your concern. It is sweet… so sweet you barely have to think!

The commercial inspectors here in Denver use it on every inspection, once you do, you’ll be hooked.