Comment Categories

I created a new comment category in the global list. I want the category to show up under a specific inspection item. I noticed the preloaded comment categories have specific inspection items they are tied to under the section ‘areas where this comment is used’. How to I change ‘areas where this comment is used’ for the comment category that I created?

Hi Dan,
The category folders you create in the global are not attached to any inspection item. You store your comments in there then you go to the inspection item. From there you click the local auto comment library (magi wand) then in the auto comment library you select the plus icon in the top right which gets you to the global list. There you navigate to the folder that has the comment and select that item. Or you can select multiple items using the shift key or choose multiple items by holding down the CTRL key. then you OK the windows down to the local.

I have on youtube “HomeGauge Workshop with Russell” where I go over the auto comment feature as well as others.