Comments about Radalink

I am about to take a radalink class and possibly use there monitors. I am wondering how many people use there product and what are the + and -. If you could help me out that would be great. Thanks

Ryan - I do believe that a few inspectors in our network use this product, and will ask those who do to call or drop you an e-mail directly (with your permission, of course). Please let me know if that’s OK.

Meantime, here’s a sample report (PDF) if you haven’t already seen one:

Also check out Membership Benefits and Competitive Advantages - InterNACHI®. $25 NACHI discount for the course and full tuition credit toward the equipment lease.

Hope this helps a little.

Simply the best!

Hi to all,

Radalink have a great reputation, nuff said.




That would be great. Thanks for the information. Thanks for the comments!!

I use Radalink and have had great results. Easy to use and you get the results back in very little time (I’ve received results in minutes before). Clients love the technology and the report is very clear and easy to read.

Anybody care to disclose how much they are paying for the lease?