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Jan Wrobel on Remoline, read the article and comments at:

And be sure to read my retort below her post. Where do these morons come from and how did she get her licence?

RE’s want licensing for only one reason: to get HI’s to do the most basic, minimal inspection possible, so homes will sell. Then, they force HI’s to get insurance, so the liability is on the HI.

HI’s want licensing, because they live in bed with the RE’s. Why bite the hand that feeds them? To heck with the client, who is the one who suffers.

RE’s complain, but never hire or suggest the best inspector. They want the cheap, basic, minimalist licensed inspector, who will document the home in a basic way; and do it legally.

The RE person stated that he wants to “establish parameters for licensing the industry”. That is far from the real truth.

Thanks for the laugh Raymond. LOL

I hate ill informed ignorant comments made by so called professionals who paint with the widest possible brush.

Further I am disturbed by her comments given her position. Realtors have no place playing home inspector, let alone claiming as she did they know more about codes and building practices.

She should put her money where her big mouth is and should become an inspector because it sure appears she is in the wrong profession. A busy know-it-all is she.

Jan is a man, not a woman.

Re-read post #2. If Canada wants to become like Texas, they should investigate what is going on down there. Perhaps, they want to become like Texas.

The Texas Real Estate Commission runs and regulates the licensing of home inspectors; one of the largest conflicts of interest known in the RE industry.

The attorneys down there love it, because it is creating dozens of lawsuits, and thousands of dollars in revenue for themselves.


Thanks for the comment on REM, you are so right.


Jan the Man, who cares. It was a bloody stupid comment and as far as I am concerned Jan the Man should be reported for stupidity and ignorance to RECO.