Comments needed for Inspector Life newsletter.

The new Inspector Life newsletter includes a section called Membership Voice. We need one quote per inspection industry association member on a monthly basis. We ask a question, you quote on it. We publish it for distribution to NewsletterJunction subscribers.

The current question is:

"Should home inspectors be required to obtain a license to practice their trade like real estate agents and mortgage lenders?"

You comment should be no longer than 890 characters long including spaces (NOT 890 WORDS LONG).

We only need one NACHI member’s comment, and we’ll pick the most articulate one!

If you are a current ASHI, CREIA, CAHPI, IHINA or NAHI member as well, you may also comment as a representative of any one of those associations of which your are a member. (In other words, if you are ASHI/NACHI and another NACHI member comments, then you can comment as an ASHI member).

If we use your comment, then we’ll include your name and Web address (and/or email). We’ll also be offering NewsletterJunction services to real estate agents, so they’ll have access to Inspector Life as well. Might be good thing for you since commenting is akin to free advertising.

Send your comments to ASAP.

Thanks in advance,


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Current licensing standards are low enough to fill seats in the home inspection academies teaching to the test, intensify inspection product sales and provide toothless consumer protections against the interest real estate salesmen have in the outcome of our inspections. As a result, the streets of licensed states are flooded with unqualified home inspectors who are treated as equal to a truly qualified inspector. The consumer is left with a false sense of security provided by the government.

I honestly believe that all professionals need to be held to a certain standard of competency, ethics and scope of service offerings that are truly in the public’s best interests. However, this will not happen so long as the powerful real estate sales and product vendor lobbies continue to influence licensing and the organization that advocates it.

Robert, can you elaborate on this more? and how does this benefit NACHI members?

This does not appear to be sanctioned by NACHI, so I’m curious.

It’s a magazine article and if your article is selected you get free exposure and publishing experience. This can be of benefit to you and your business individually.

First, whether it benefits “NACHI Members” or not, it is an outlet for people in the inspection industry to voice their opinions about industry matters - not like that’s uncommon on this BB. If there is a benefit, then its that you receive some name exposure.

Second, its like Wendy said. Keep in mind that no inspection association is a governing body for an entire industry or the media.

Anyway, contribute if you want to.


Robert, I guess i have a problem with this and that is, who is making the selection? and this one single comment will represent all of NACHI?

Who is the publisher and what is the market for this circulation?

He never said it would represent all of NACHI. It’s like writing into Reader’s Digest, what is the big deal? It’s representing the inspector, who also happens to be a NACHI member. It’s their magazine, so they get to pick who is selected, like any other publisher.

Okay. We’re not stopping publishing, though.

Editorial staff.

No. It represents the individual opinion.

CommercialNet, Inc. and are you asking “what is the market for this periodical” or “what is the circulation”? Two different things.