Comments on my new website?
Same as the old site, but the new site has a store, and a considerable amount of reference material, including access to all ICC codes in a format from which you can copy and paste.

Kenton, it has a nice easy layout, reasonable prices and links to free courses.

I would add more links to software that members use.

Looks good! :smile:

Hi Larry! If you mouse over Template Info and pick Choosing Software, scrolling down, you’ll find the following links:

looks good and easy to navigate. The access to ICC codes is great!

Oh, thanks, Kenton.

And I agree, the access I ICC codes is great.

Nice work, Kenton!
While briefly thumbing through I noticed a typo under the Homegauge tab.

Like a booger on someone’s face, I don’t want to be perceived as a dick for pointing it out but usually the recipient would rather know…

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Absolutely Brandon, thanks!
For some reason it’s a lot easier to spot mistakes in other people’s work that in your own, and that’s one reason I posted.

This is very true!
I think this is because your brain already knows what you mean when reading something you created & will subconsciously skip over small mistakes.

…plus I spell HomeGaghue wrong almost every time.