Comments on rusty meter base

Poor ground…?? Main service mast and any connecting conduit was not rusted just the meter base.


I would note that the local POCO should evaluate the box and since it is really on THERE end of the process that is about all you can do since you can't see inside it.

Again POCO can allow some strange things that we as "electricians" can't....but if the local POCO only supplies the drop to the mast head then usually the "electrician" will take care of that point BACK to the SE panel. is important to know which is covered under this, is it the owners responsibility or the POCO to review this....depends on your area....However..

In regards to the enclosure, I would write it up for evaluation from the POCO again depending on the previous example.

And if it is under the control of the owner, it is possibly a violation of Sect. 110.12©…but again we can’t see inside and around it well enough but the rust alone begs to questions its LIFE SPAN.

Thanks for the quick response.