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Yesreday’s inspection, small condo unit built 1966. The rear wall support was removed and the header is sagging approx 1 1/8 “. Front and rear of the unit is frame the side walls are block. There use to be a wall on the right side with a window that extended 34” out it was removed ti incorporate the rear patio for additional living space. Total span is 10’ 3" Would normally call it out and recommed a SE but the buyer is sister of a good friend and I thought it might help to post here and get a few different opinions. She loves the place and will probaly end up buying a major headache. Tried to upload a pic, not sure if it will appear. Thanks for your comments.

But? Your relationship with the client does not change the building.

A 1 1/2" sag, where supports were removed, can be major…

I agree with Jim and your good friend would, too. :slight_smile:

In my opinion that deserves the attention of a SE.

State your finding.
Litigation has no family or fiends.
Nor does you COE, SOP and duity as a Home Inspector.
This question should not have been asked in my opinion.