Commercial Bid Documents?

What do most of you use when putting together and sending a commercial bid? What Scott was saying about every commercial job being different and bid upon accordingly makes sense but now I’m kinda wondering about the method of delivery for the information.

I guess what I’m wondering is if most of you have made your own bid/quote forms from Word or Excel or if your using a sorta standardized template that most commercial folks are more familiar with or what?

I use HomeGuage but it seems to be very limited with the work-scopes of different commercial job applications. I also hate all the uploading, creating user-names, passwords, and confusing stuff that goes along with HG vs. being able to send out a simple email.

Does anybody have or know where I could find any decent bid/quote forms that I might could view?

Thanks for your time!

Talk to Dale settle your differences he is a good man and will help anyone that is a straight shooter