Commercial Booking payment

I would like to know how yall would book a big commercial property inspection. Say a 100+ apartment complex or other big property that would take a week or two to complete. Would you request payment upfront in order to book?

It shouldn’t be taking you a week or two to complete. Maybe 2 days, 3 at most.

It looks like you might be in NM? Can you come up to one of my commercial inspection courses?

I ask for a deposit on these inspections or a credit card that I can pre authorize payment with. The final portion is due at time of inspection. I ask that they bring a check. No pay, no play is my rule.


When will you be offering another Commercial Inspection training class?

Whenever you want to come up.

I’m interested in this class also.

Got a 95 unit complex next Thursday. Will have me-self and 3 others onsite for 1-1.5 days. Will plan on 20-30 minutes p/unit.

On ALL commercials we take 40% upfront and the balance on completion of job before reports go out. No exceptions

Regarding time frame, I’m on a 31-site apartment portfolio right now in NC, GA, and FL, and for each site we requested 10-business-day turns (10 day turn is for keeping schedule flexible, we don’t spend 10 full days on one site). It booked 11/2, final delivery is 12/3.

Regarding payment, it’s a regular client so it’s net 30. For new clients we do 50% retainers.

Yep! but I want %50 upfront.

I would be interested in flying out for that.