Commercial Building Inspections

If any member here would like to learn how to inspect commercial property, send me an email, you won’t willingly inspect another residential property again.

Matter of fact, you’ll cringe when you still get those calls “How much do you charge for a home inspection?”

An inspector should obtain a greater numerical mean inspecting small-mid-size commercial buildings in seven working days than the revenue a good-great inspector nets monthly.

You should garner a commendable six figure income each year regardless of how the housing market fluctuates.

My crew and I began this inspection at 9:00 this morning, we were completed at 2:30 this afternoon. I have a system which is fail-proof if contemporaneously initiated.

I’m more than willing to train anyone free of charge, no catches, I want nothing in return, just seeing people succeed in this business is enough gratitude for me, which is not complicated, many people are intimidated, you shouldn’t be.

very nice

Great job Dale! How many inspectors on your team for this job?

I do commercial inspections but the market in Vermont is spotty at best. I would like to open this market up in greater fashion and become the go to resource in my state. So, I am always open to what others are doing (why re-invent the wheel), how they are doing it and what them successful. How do I get in contact with you aside from this method?


I agree with your mention of wanting to capture more market share, I’ve been there done that. I just did a Google search for “commercial inspections Vermont”, I didn’t find your company.

Do you have a separate website for commercial inspections, and a different phone number so you know when someone is calling specifically for a commercial inspection?

These two items are a start, necessary for a commercial inspection business to survive, regardless of whether you been inspecting property for years or just starting.

Are you limiting your service area to just Vermont? Nevada is the only state in the USA which has commercial inspection licensing requirements.

Call me anytime after 5:00 PM Mountain Standard time (602.402.5305), perhaps I can give you some help so your inspecting more property.

Hi Dom,

Two helpers taking notes from the HVAC technicians and electricians, I inspected the remainder of the building based on the scope of work in our agreement.

Hi Dale,

I’m still looking to add Commercial to my offerings and am willing to travel back to AZ again to learn it.

Can you be here tomorrow?

If not, I’m going to Colorado from Sunday till Tuesday, I have several inspections with signed agreements, and possibly a large job in South America if you want to get “away” for a week. This time of the year is nice, not too hot, surely not cold.

I’m sitting on a roof watching a plumber video scan some waste pipes at the moment, he’s downloading the video to one of my laptops so I can burn a CD when he’s done and provide it to the potential buyer.

I surely hope you know your more than welcome to come here anytime you want Chuck.

I’ll send you an email later my friend.

Folks you won’t find a better offer than this to learn from one of the best in the industry when it comes to commercial property condition assessments.

Big things are on the horizon. It’s time to take your business to the next level.
Intimidation is just an excuse… :wink:

Dale, I am interested in a ride along, and lucky me I live right here in West Phx! I would like to learn more about commercial inspections to determine if it’s something I want to venture into.

Hi Mary Ann…I’ll be at 401 E Jefferson St tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM, stop by if your in the area.

I’ll help you anyway possible so you start a successful new company.

Hope to see you tomorrow, I will be there until about 2:00…my cell is 602.402.5305

Guys Dale by far is class act and one of the best in the industry. I highly recommend taking him up on his offer. I have learned a ton from the man. Like family to me. Dale you teach infra red to on those buildings? :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m going to have to try to schedule something with you, since it’s not right around the corner.

Dale, are you in NorCal anytime soon? If not I will get together with you when you have time in May as I have other commitments until then for travel. Awesome that you are offering this and I do commercial inspections now but need to expand.

First post for me. What a great group! I’m new in the West Valley in Goodyear. Came down from Washington State. I have performed a few commercial inspections and really prefer doing them. Dale, I’d love an opportunity to tag along on one of your commercial inspections and broaden my horizons so to speak. Enjoy Colorado and have some fun. I would like to talk with you when you return. :slight_smile:

Paul Stokle
Sunrise Inspection Services PLC
(480) 432-7066


While I most likely would not be able to meet you at an inspection I would like to ask you some questions from timt to time. If this is ok let me know the best way to contact you.

Just got back from the 2 buildings-8 units with store fronts near the united center (Bulls).
Did it alone and took about 5 hours.


We should have a commercial inspection course available in the late summer - fall, I think this is what is necessary, hands on experience.

You can surely call anytime you like.

Nice Condo…!!

Nice area. I did a 3 flat in the 3000 block of W Jackson Blvd on Wednesday. Took 1.5 hours. Built in 2007, Section 8 tenants. 2 units hadn’t been cleaned since 2007. Had to take a shower before I went to my next inspection.