commercial education question

i was just wondering, and i understand that certain schools only offr so much edu. but how many hours are required to advertise commercial services? and does anyone recommend a particular school, or schooling that will have me ready to go right after?

Take Joe Farsetta’s course.

and where do i find that course??

Course offerings are always posted on the MB well in advance of the course coming to your area. Maybe once a year for Commercial Inspection Course. We have one coming to the Chicago area in March. One in Canada coming up soon. That’s probably closer for you.


We had one in Philly a couple of months back. We’ll try and bring one to the Pocono area, but I cant say when. We’ll probably be in the Long Island area in March.

now how well educated can one of these courses be? not that im skeptical, just curous how close commercial is to home inspections because of the course being so short…

You’ll have to ask one of the attendees. Try Peter Russel’s quote. he went to NH a couple of months back. He attended a 3-day from another educator and mine. Read his review.

As to advertising commercial inspections, it is an unregulated profession. My course prepares you for the venture. Speak to Scott Gilligan.

Adam, about how many Home Inspections have you done?

Adam hasn’t passed the NACHI entrance exam yet!! Do you think he needs to take your commercial course???


Point well taken. I do not know Adam, and cannot speak to his current level of knowledge and experience.


As an FYI, in Texas any property inspection, including commercial, for any property that is under contract for sale, or is being considered for sale (by the owner) or considered for purchase (by the buyer) is regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


According to many in attendance, TREC does not regulate the inspection of commercial properties.

so what is the main difference, besides the odvious… i understand the equipment, and systems are larger and run longer, but what are the other kinds of things to be looking for that normal HI wouldnt look for?


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Perhaps attending one of these seminars will be a better way of opening your eyes. We recently held one in Philly. If you were interested, they why didnt you contact me or Scott Gilligan at that time to ask some questions?


Thanks for the info. I stand corrected, I think. Information from the TREC site says that a licensed inspector can perform a commercial inspection, provided the practice does not require another license. it also says that a licensed inspector should follow the TREC SOP to the extent that it applies.

I did not see where TREC says a license is REQUIRED, but it may be. Regardless, I think my course benefits inspectors, as it counts for TREC credits, and covers the practice.

Manny …a few days ago I forwarded a response from TREC to Joe that clearly states that commercial inspections do indeed fall under their jurisdiction. Apparently he did not get that. I agree with your assesment…any real property inspection (residential or commercial) for a buyer or seller is regulated here, however the 7A-0 form is not required for commercial. I’m a little disappointed that was not clear at the recent course in Dallas.

Here is my question to TREC:

Here is their response: