Commercial Fire Door Inspection Course with bar code inspection management system.

Do not see a date anywhere?

I think we are going to hold our first in Feb.

Is there going to be an online or video course for this in addition to the on-site course in Colorado?


Nick, will this course be in conjunction with the commercial course? I’d like to come to Denver but want to make it worth the trip.

Nick, any more word on the fire door course? Thanks.

How soon are you going to get the bar code system in place? I want to get going on this here in the Orlando, area. I have a meeting with AHCA the state regarding health care facilities on the second friday next month. I really would like to let them know when I can go with these inspections in nursing homes and hospitals.


Let me get this straight…

You are looking forward to placing some sort of barcode on a commercial fire door… all official looking and stuff… where you lack the legal credentials and formal training to have inspected the fire door in question…

Is that right?

And, you’re doing this at health care facilities…

Are you an AHJ, a fire marshall… or anything like it?

Joe, So I guess I missed something. Was it decided that there would be no training and home inspectors are in no way qualified to do this and cannot become qualified? What’s the rest of the story? This was an interesting topic earlier and got dropped like a hot potato without any comment I’m aware of.

Just out of curiosity…
what happens when, after the inspector has gone through, inspected the doors then places the labels on the doors…
and the AHJ does a Life Safety Inspection in, say a nursing home and either does not pass the doors because health care facilities receiving Medicare funds are inspected to the 2000 edition of the Life Safety Code (including the corresponding edition of NFPA 80) and finds deficiencies with door(s)…
or the AHJ after reviewing the qualifications of the inspector does not deem them as being acceptable?

What you gonna do when they come for you, what you gonna do when they come for you…:mrgreen:

And that’s basically all it was. :slight_smile: :shock: