Commercial Inspection $650?

Athletic Workout Facility, 14000 sq ft, 20 shower stalls, 10 toilets, 6 urinals, 4 heating systems, 2 steam rooms, swimming pool, 10+ offices (many with plumbing, e.g., en suite bathrooms), workout rooms, spa rooms (with plumbing) etc., and per the buyer lots of issues (roof leaking, sweating plumbing pipes, delaminating sheet rock, etc… Another inspector quoted $650; buyer told me her decision was based entirely on pricing. I don’t see how anyone could possibly thoroughly inspect this facility for $650. I quoted $2000 for a thorough inspection. Based on the above description, do you think I’m way too high? Property value is about $2.5M-$3M.


I inspected a couple national chain fitness centers for an investor last year about this size and if I remember correctly the cost was about $3,199 each.

He wanted my HVAC man to inspect the H/C systems thoroughly which brought the price up some but $650.00 is beyond crazy.


Damn, that inspector ripped himself off.

For that kind of money, I sure would like to see his report.

That is ridiculous.

Must be a fly by.

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I think this is the way to go.

Chances are that inspector does residential for a hot pocket and six pack of coors, coors light even. :roll:

tim, maybe the agent was trying to pull the wool over your eyes with that 650 bit, scoundrels !!!


Good lord Tim, sorry you have to deal with that up there, but its everywhere
I think you are underbidding the job to, but remember even though we lose some jobs, we make up for it in other areas. Stick to your ethics and you shall prevail. If the Realtor doesn’t see the value in your inspection then move on to another.

Tell the realtor I will do it for $600.:smiley:

At 14,000 sqft I charge $0.24 a sqft top to bottom, and extra for Fire Sprinkler Tech, everything else is covered in the price. I also include roof top thermal imaging, and sewer pipeline imaging. 2.4 million dollar building , they can afford a few thousand dollar professional inspection

$650.00 is unethical for the inspection… walk away while you can

By the way Dave, bring my plane back washed ok

Aram, I was using it, but can lease it to you and if you want it washed that will be extra.

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