Commercial Inspection Class coming to Columbus, Ohio!

We are bringing our Commercial Inspection Class to Columbus Ohio in February.

Dont miss this opportunity to attend one of the hottest classes out there!

We are combining this with our Certified Well Sampler Class on Day 2!

More info to follow!

Some preliminary info!

Joe, are you still coming to NH, it’s only a couple of weeks away and I haven’t heard any updates


Yes, Indeed

December 8th Is The Date

I Thought I Sent You A Pre-registration E-mail A Week Or So Ago. Check Your E-mail

Hi Joe, I went to the web site and thought I signed up but maybe not, my brother Alan is attending too. Can you re-send that email so we can sign up.

Looking forward to it, Thanks Joe


What’s the latest on Dallas (TREC)?

Just curious.

Since TREC does not govern anything to do with commercial inspections, would they give credit for a class that taught it? That seems unusual, to me.


Why the technical ???s :mrgreen:

I’m just going by what was posted in the add off another thread and know that many here would not attend unless TREC CE credit is part of the deal.


I simply asked the question for the reasons stated.

Commercial Inspections is the means of expanding your business in an area that TREC has no authority over.

To me…this is a reason to attend, all by itself.

For them to offer credit for a class that has nothing to do with home inspections seems odd to me. Perhaps they will, but…still…why would it stop anyone if they did not?

I can see why you would want to fill the squares for TREC, but limiting yourself to what only they would approve — especially a course that would help you to expand your business into an area where there is no TREC — is hard for me to understand.

Conference room has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Express in Grove City Ohio. So be looking for more information on , and be looking for emails from Joe and myself telling you how to reserver your spot.


I agree and have been pursuing non-TREC ed. and avenues of income since the inception of my company.
I already said, on a previous thread, I would most likely attend with or without TREC approval.

If the seats don’t fill this will be canceled… :frowning:


The paperwork has been submitted to Silvia Busk at TREC. Hopefully, we,ll hear something very soon. When we do, I may open a 2nd class in the Houston area in January.

With the hard time that we are having in the residential market. This would be a great time to step up and add a new way to add new income to your business. There is always a McDonald’s or a Steak house out there that needs a inspection. So come on and join us on Feb 2 and 3rd for these 2 great training classes. You can use the following link for more information and also register for the classes. See you there. :grin:

Class is nearly full.

Dont miss out!

Stragglers, dont delay!

Register NOW!

We are going to have 2 GREAT training classes this weekend. And yes we will be done in time for you to get home to see the Super Bowl. This is going to be a great weekend and we have a some seats still open. So if you still would like to attend, please feel free to contact us. I am looking forward to seeing all of you there.