Commercial Inspection Course in Manchester, NH on Dec 8th

***Still a few seats left. ***

Dont miss out on this fantastic course. e-mail me at for details, or call 303-591-9919

Sat, Dec 8th at the Best western, Manchester NH.

Class runs from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm

[size=5]New Hampshire Seminar[/size]

**[size=3]December 08, 2007 **

**Hi to all! **
**I’m pleased to announce that once again Joe Farsetta came through for New Hampshire. **

On December 08, 2007 Joe traveled to New Hampshire to give an excellent presentation entitled “Certified Commercial Inspector”!

**This presentation was focused on dissecting and more importantly understanding ASTM 2018 -1. Joe was able to take each section of this nationally recognized standard and dissect it while explaining the true meaning of what you were reading. **

Many of us “thought” that we knew/understood this nationally recognized standard but after Joe finished explaining it we realized that it is extremely easy to misunderstand sections and to go astray.

We live in a litigious society and if you do not fully understand the national standards/guidelines that you must adhere to you will leave the door wide open for a lawsuit and soon find yourself at the mercy of anyone who wants to make a “quick buck” off if you!

I strongly recommend this course to those “experienced” Commercial Inspectors who all are already in the business and for those residential inspectors who want to further their education.

**Once again, kudos to Joe Farsetta for an excellent presentation and I highly recommend this course!:grin: **

Thank you Joe!

Looking forward to Dallas…