Commercial Inspection in Alaska

I am a licensed home inspector in Washington and do a number of commercial inspections as well. Just had a request to do an inspection on a hotel in Anchorage, AK. Does anyone here know if I need to be licensed in order to do this inspection?

Maybe @jkaufman can help if he still around. Might want to look him up and send a email.

No, but make sure you have an understanding on what your client expects for the seismic review. Is it just a review of the UBC content, or do they need peak ground acceleration, etc.

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I found out that I need to get a business license, which appears to be quickly obtained online. The seismic review is new to me. Is this a standard request for commercial inspections in Alaska?

Thanks for the suggestion Thomas!

Standard for every client I’ve ever had.

Yes, you need to be a licensed inspector in Alaska to inspect commerical or residential.

I’m around, just busy as all hell haha.

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Good to hear from you and glad you’re busy!! :+1: :wink:

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Nice to see you, Jacob! :grin:


Nice to see you too! Currently enrolled in an HVAC/R class for my work. Should get my universal card in a few weeks.

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Thanks bud! Busy with both jobs!

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