Commercial Inspection Management course in Atlantic City on April 25-26, 2012.

Course includes copy of InterNACHI’s International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.
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Why dont we have any of InterNACHI classes in California? I would be glad to set up the locations…Seems like they are in midwest or east. What gives?

I was about to ask you the same thing. That would be up to you, no?

This is essentially the same class I have been teaching for years for NACHI, absent of costs to cure. My class was quite robust, taught the applicability of ASTM E2108, and referenced NACHI COMSOP.

My class was also less than $299. Commerciqal inspections is more about understanding a Property Condition Assessment and managing a process than anything else.


Whenever you want to revive the class, please let me know. As you are aware, I am primarily involved with the day to day operations of large commercial/industrial facilities. I have also sharpened my skills trememdously when it comes to inspecting commercial food service establishments.

Whatever you want. We can schedule regional events across the US on weekends.

Let me know.

Few comments here,

Joe F. I’d be interested if you brought a commercial class to Atlanta. Maybe a 1 day class. I’d pay $100-200. I could get a few/several inspectors to join. I’m sure we could get a decent class.

I like the weekend idea. I’m slammed with inspections. A few commercial per month, 30-40 inachi sop residential inspections per month.

Nick, with the metioned Atlantic City Commercial conference, I went to the one in Vegas, did not have time for the commercial course. Would love to visit Atlantic City but it would cost me 3-4k with travel, expenses, course costs, lost work. Plus I got slammed with spam from these guys. All sponsored vendors from the Vegas conference keep sending emails, same with this group. It’s been less lately. I told Brian to stop sending emails. We’ll see…