Commercial inspection needed in Kissimmee, Florida.

Nick, I have a property that I am looking to have a pre-purchase inspection performed on.

The address and info are:
926 North Main ST Kissimmee, FL (Gas station, Building: 4,012 SF, Lot: 19,732 SF)

We need the whole lot inspected (ie building, parking lot, sidewalks, etc) and we are hoping to have this completed as fast as we can.

I would like to see a quote from you for this service. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Zach Kubek
Equitas Investments, LLC
955 15th St
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
310-395-0043 Fax

Too small for me to quote it coming from Georgia :slight_smile:

Think Pete C. can handle this one. Contact him Nick.

Let me know if you get anything my way!

Being a gas station with tanks they will need a Phase 2 survey performed to verify the tanks are safe. These are performed by Engineering/testing firms.

Actually William the inspection scope will be determined on what the customer wants and what is agreed to. I have not had a requested Phase 1/2 to date for a gas station. Most times the customer just wants the major components of the building inspected.

Nick did you contact Pete?

Ray, you are correct for the inspection report for the buyer/client. If there is a loan or insurance on the property it is my experience that the Ph.2 will be requested if it was a gas station even if it is not the intended use by the new owners.