Commercial Inspection Pricing

I have a inspection for a 8000 sg. ft. operating resturant. I would like feedback on what price to perform the inspection. I have done several smaller commercial buildings but this will be my 1st resturant this year. Just need feedback on what $ based on the current economy.


Hi Wayne

I don’t know what you can get in Florida, but I would get $.25.00 per foot here without a problem.

I do know my dear friend Gerry Beaumont told me there are some hungry inspectors in your state who will work for popcorn.

If you want the job I would suggest submitting a comprehensive proposal of what will be inspected in a very professional like format.

If you don’t have a “Commercial Inspection Proposal” shoot me an email, I’ll forward you one you can edit to your company needs.

Professionalism goes a long way in pricing at times, rather than just emailing someone back with:

“I’ll inspect it for $989.00”

Thank You,