Commercial Inspection Questions


  1. Commercial Inspection opportunities in a small market?
  2. Is there money to be made?
  3. Does the CCPIA have a Commercial Inspection RFP Board?

You will need to advertise in many markets both large and small. Some travel is likely. I operate out of Atlanta and travel to all states touching GA. I could easily travel further for work but choose not to. If I only worked in Atlanta, I would not be as busy as I wish.


I have no idea. I am not CCPIA certified nor plan to be.


Hi John,

This article can help you research and define your service area: Getting Started as a Commercial Inspector: Defining Your Service Area - CCPIA

CCPIA doesn’t have an RFP board, but many members receive leads from being listed in the directory which is used by CRE professionals. Members also receive leads through their inspector profiles.

Hi Maggie,

Really nothing about CCPIA that I have to criticize. I probably should have left out my statement about not planning to become a CCPIA because it gave the wrong impression. My intent was to let the OP know that I am not a resource for that information.

I perform commercial inspections per ASTM 2018 which has worked well for my business partner and I for many years. It is my understanding CCPIA is for members who use ComSOP.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply! The majority of CCPIA’s education is based on the ComSOP, but there are other education and business resources that don’t require the inspector to follow the ComSOP to benefit from it.

The great thing about the ComSOP, especially for inspectors starting out, is that it provides more detail about what should and should not be inspected compared to the ASTM E2018.

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Hey John,

Obviously, the larger the area you are willing to service the better the opportunity to grab a bigger slice of the pie.

Here in Northeast Ohio home inspections have tapered off because of the lack of inventory and because of buyers foregoing the inspections in hopes of getting their offer accepted but commercial inspections have ramped up quite a bit for me so far this year.

I have an investor group from California, who I have worked with before, that has ten properties from Cincinatti to Cleveland that they need inspected. I will start in Cincinatti and hotel-surf my way back up to Cleveland.

I would love for the commercial market to stay hot enough that I wouldn’t have to do any residential inspections, but I doubt if that will happen. Of course, like the home inspection side of it it won’t happen overnight, you will have to make connections, do marketing etc. but it can definitely be worthwhile.

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Update to John’s question, “Is there money to be made”? I just signed a contract with a company that has 79 buildings on their property, some of them smaller than a one-car garage with a couple of warehouses up to 15’000sf, and every size in between, for $66’750.

I told them that I would need 80 days to complete with the possibility of being done in 60 days.

Once these are inspected, they want to have a rotation set up where a quarter of the buildings are inspected every year.

Obviously, jobs like this don’t come along very often and maybe not at all for everyone, but if you don’t at least attempt it you will never know.

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