Commercial Inspection Training

I’m interested in training for commercial inspections. Can anyone recommend a good training program?


I have an excellent course, which is a mix of ASTM E2018-08, the Internachi Commercial SOP, and practical training on electric, plumbing, HVAC (chillers, package systems, cooling towers, split and packaged systems), etc.

It is 2-1/2 days long. Ask Nick if he will sponsor it in your area.

Call me when you have a chance…that would be something I would like to schedule in CA…Although I have already been through many commercial inspection classes and have done them also.

Sponsor in the Detroit area? The thing is, as far as I know, commercial inspectors are not licensed around here. Most HI’s in my area skip any formal training so I don’t know if there would be enough demand to make it worth yours, or Nick’s, time. I’d be willing to go somewhere for the training if necessary.

Talk to Duffy he might consider OJT with you

I would be intersted in the detroit area also