Commercial inspections on NACHI.TV

Hi Joe,

Like anything else there are many ways of skinning the cat, however the ASTM standard (2018-01) is one basis for performing commercial inspections, and is the only current applicable standard.

The lenders that you are working for obviously have thier own criteria which they are happy with, thats fine it’s like the difference between a regular inspection and a 4 point. The point of the ASTM is to have a standard when no other is in place.

BTW, nothing in the ASTM says that either you or Dale are doing it wrong, the standard is not like NACHIs’ or anybodies SOP it is a guidance document not a flight plan.



Regardless of whether or not they are required, I think ASDM standards are as good a starting point for information/education as any.

Count me in as interested if the intent is to provide some in-depth information and knowledge.

If it can be covered, I would like to know “what, why and how” my Professional Electricans and HVAC guys are evaluating these items on commercial jobs (As opposed to what we do in residential).

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Gerry, I hate to pick on your wording twice on one thread but you are an Englishman.

Your “could care less” poll option should be “couldn’t care less” I believe.

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It’s our language, and we Brits know how to talk it proper we do!!!


Gerry’s right, and Carl’s right, and ASTM standards rule, but God bless America anyway.

Hey…didn’t they invent the English language? Maybe they are still “fine tuning” it.:wink:

I would like to run a commercial during Gerry’s commercial lecture. :cool:

Cool, I like sponsorship :mrgreen:



T.V.'s great, but you can’t learn quite as thoroughly from the tube as you can by putting your hands on-it and your mind to-it.


I assume there’ll be CD’s of the episodes for sale.
I’d like to suggest the William Tell Overture as the theme song. It’s time to give that tune new meaning.

*"Bank job in the city, Robin Hood and William Tell and Ivanhoe and Lancelot, they don’t envy me.
Sitting till the sun goes down,
in dreams the world keep going round and round."

J. Lynne/ELO 1974

My submission for the opening credits theme.*

“The facility, due to open in 2006…” OK - there’s still 27 days left…

Been open for months. Been filming for weeks.

Filming? The post indicated that this is an on-site, hands-on center offering commercial classes. Guess the purpose/intent has totally changed?

Count me in for the free classes. I’d like more info please.

I think there might be substantial interest in a hands-on, free class in commercial inspections.

Oh most definitely! I’ll be there with bells on. :wink:

Joe M.

Correct. I simply can’t move a commercial building around the world so as to train all our members as easily as I can produce a series of training shows on NACHI.TV and email them all the link. Each show in the series will have a link to a message board thread so that the instructor can answer live questions.

With NACHI.TV I can reach more members, train more members, let them watch it over and over, let them watch it when they want, let them watch it from wherever they want, let them ask questions, let them hear the answers to fellow student’s questions, and do it all for free to NACHI members.

Beats the big city block sized creeper idea, no?

I think it’s an incredible benefit. It’s going to help insure that NACHI members don’t remain stagnant, but rather are always growing and becoming better trained and the best educated in the world.

People can make fun of how inspectors come into this org all they want, but if they would look deeper they would see that the organization isn’t just sitting and taking their money. It’s a starting point for a lifetime career if the inspector will just avail themselves of every opportunity.