Commercial metal roof inspection?

FEED Back needed. Anyone with ample experience in inspecting metal roof (Commercial) please call me at 850-814-3889. I have some questions???

Good luck John, sounds like a nice job.

Find the manuf., go to the web site and download the installation isntrcutions. That is a great place to start. Most metal roofs are not screwed in according to manuf. rules. I know, I have one on my house.

I inspect these typs of roofs on a daily bases they are also called 22/26 gage metal standing seam roof which are depending on buildings length 40 feet long sheets 12 to 18 inches wide layed over a 3/4 roof plywood decking secured with clips to decking sheets mated and crimped crimped at seams machine rolled and caulked where penetrations ar made and at edges defects would be any not sealed tight area where wate would intrude :mrgreen: