Commercial Property Electrical Inspections

The meters are sealed and spinning!

I believe that NACHI should add a “Commercial Electrical Forum” and rename this one as a Residential Forum

Froum the field:

Joe, we follow your column and thought you would like this.
We call this one dumb *** of the year award.
Found this in Carrollton,Texas

The door is still an exit!

Robert English
Zubras Electric Inc.

Now thats a good one!.. rofl

I dont think very many Nachi guys do Commerical Inspections and so probably just keeping it general is the best move. Much like the NEC forum was started and then dumped…probably better to let sleeping dogs lie.


I forgot NACHI HOME Inspectors, I found a few who do make these inspections:

Google Results 1 - 10 of about 3,920,000 for commercial](](](


Ya…I think the main NACHI thing is Home as they have the Certified Residential Inspectors thing…but more and more may see the value of doing commerical…I know I do quite a few of the larger ones…

I have a deal with a firm to do their commerical inspections…and I can tell you they are quite nice draws.

Hello Paul, and Joe…much more of a challenge and interesting than a home inspection with the pay reflecting the challenge.

That is why I have a electrician working for me…a MUST HAVE…:smiley:

Oh yes…when I tell them " OH…its 3 Phase " I start to hear CHA-CHING…