Commercial Property Inspection Boot Camp Workshop

I’ve been trying to schedule a Commercial Property Inspection “Boot Camp” Seminar in conjunction with ComInspect and I think I’ve gotten it nailed down to the 1st week of May, in Los Angeles, CA. The intent is to take this program on the road and create a national network of Commercial Property Inspectors through ComInspect. I am originally an industrial engineer and Commercial Property Inspections have been my primary focus for years. Go to my website and watch the NachiTV video about the workshop. If you have any questions, email or even call me. I am very into this program and open about it. I want to hear from anyone who thinks they can get enough interested inspectors together to hold a workshop in any given area. I was just contacted by a National outfit today who wants to send work to a National network of commercial inspectors. This is a fantastic opportunity and it’s time is NOW!


so how was the boot camp, any comments from those that attended

didn’t get enough to sign up. Don’t really think many people actually knew about it. Still want to but really, I’m very busy doing inspections. I need a clone. I’d like to train some guys so I could hire them…


Beyond what is available here on the website, what types of training would be involved with getting certified to do commercial buildings? As you are aware, the housing market is very slow, but there appears to be some movement in commercial buildings.

I’ve done a little surfing here on the net, but can’t find anything that tells me what is different about commercial.