Commercial Property Inspections

Is .11-.24 per sq. ft. too high for a basic price list. I am trying to market to commercial realtors and they always ask price. .11 being for a basic warehouse and .24 for a larger more complex building. Thanks for the feedback.


It depends on the type of inspection, many commercial reports are over one hundred pages and include opinions from experts in roofing, electrical, hvac, elevators, sprinklers etc. I would think a complete inspection would be over .50/SF for some buildings. It all depends on what the client expects and the potential liability.

Have you checked with your E&O insurer to see what is covered?

yeah, I’m insured for commercial inspections. I was just unsure about pricing. I quoted a 17,000 sq.ft. newspaper factory at $4,100. .24 sq.ft. Realtor did not mind. But it is not booked yet either. Just did not want to price myself out of the market. Thanks…