Commercial ride along

Anyone in the Dallas, TX market that wants to do a ride along on a commercial inspection.

I have a 21,700 sq.ft. office space and warehouse might just be enough for a few to get their feet wet.

This Saturday 11-10-07 starts at 8am

E-mail your reply for directions to

Barry, I can’t express how much it means to me to see a post like this. Makes me think all the work I’ve done is for something good… members helping members. If I were there I’d go with you and help and learn too. Thank you.

Move the building to Galesburg, Illinois and I would love to ride along. I would’nt even know how to charge something that big. Nevertheless, I would still like the education.

Outstanding, Barry. Thanks.

Lots of good people around here, that’s for sure!


PS: Nick, I have a post for you in the IAC2 Forum. Let me know what you think.

The majority of the North Texas Chapter of NACHI members continually make this type offer to any old or new member of our association and even have extended our hands toward the other associations.

Besides I can always use an extra set of eyes to keep me in check.

Nice, Barry! I’d help (and learn) if I was nearer. :smiley:

Dime a ft. works very well on this one.


I’m sure I could also learn a thing or two from you, never too old

It would be great if someone went along and made a video to share on this BB, you could teach a whole lot more that way. Good of you to offer this opportunity Barry.

**I am Happy to see this!:smiley: **
"Members helping Members" This is what NACHI is all about. KUDOS to you!:nachi:

Keep up the good work buddy even for a Texan I am sending my ride along to help you as soon as he gets done watering BEVO;-)

That’s a cheap shot, below the belt but it got a grin out of me, cute kid must take after momma:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Got’er done! 2 1/2 hr. yesterday and 4 hr. today.
Gotta love this job!!!
Would have been longer but 5 of the 8 Heat pumps were inoperable by normal thermostat controls.

Sorry to say no one took me up on the offer. Maybe next time???

What does a black box mean on this BB?

red= POS post
green= appreciation for post
black= ???

Can’t imagine someone disapproving of this thread, but Oh well!

Someone with a “new” box likes you.

How does one go about getting a “new” box?

Mines almost worn out. :wink:

Okies stand on their hind legs when they do their business? :mrgreen: 
I always thought they hiked a back leg. :shock:

Was not me I don’t do the box thing I get even with words:D

Never thought it was for a minute and I’ve been to enough TX-OU games to know Sooners speak and fight like men they’re not

I’ll keep on trying when the opportunity arises.
This was just the perfect job for a bunch to show up at.
Vacant, 10 service panels on 6 timers, 8 HP with a main rooftop disconnect panel, hundreds of open J-boxes, real decked signage access, new EPDM roof accessed with a 17 1/2’ ladder out of the bed of my truck, the works. The one bad part was the dropped ceiling had the old pink R-19 itch, but I’ve been around that enough to know how to handle.

There’s another one waiting for me, soon.

Not Licensed in TX if I was and the distance was not so far I would help you in the drop of a hat and would drop the hat myself. I also do commercials just LUV e’m. As some do I don’t sub any system out do it all myself.

I have a sister living east of Sherman in a bowhunk town called Bells wanting me to come replace her dead A/C unit don’t think it is going to happen. I installed a complete system, duct and all for her when they owned a home in Ft. Worth in the 1970,s it was still operating when they sold in the late 1990’s an old Singer unit.

Good luck with your next one Perhaps we could meet at the Cotton Bowl some day I would just LUV to eat some BEVO Steaks.

If this opportunity comes up again, I would like to join you. I live in Kansas, so I may need 3-4 days notice, if possible.


I’ll post it on the BB

You could pick Charlie up on your way down.