Commercial vs Residential Electrical Inspection

Quick thoughts I jotted down between the differences of performing a commercial versus a residential electrical inspection (without going into too much detail). I am sure I am missing a few :slight_smile:

GFCI in laundry.

Looks nice. I think you should include fire systems, i.e. frog eyes over exit signs since they must function in case of emergency and run off electric or back-up power. You might also include multiple commercial appliances, like in the case of a restaurant, and the increased number of 240 plugs needed to operate them. Just a thought.

Indeed, missed…

Good point about the exit signs. That is also definitely a valid point about commercial appliances. Walk in refrigerators / freezers with a split system vs. a standard refrigerator is another one which pops up from time to time.

The “frog eyes” are normally part of emergency egress lighting, not part of an exit light. Exit lights should have their own backup lighting.

True. But in the Commercial Electrical Class they fall within the realm of what is typically included. It was just a thought.

I wasn’t saying it was wrong, just that they can be independent of the exit lights.