I had an agent ask if there is a commercial wind mit form. If you have a link please post it for them.

Love doing commercial wind mits. 2 page form

Mike, you have more trouble with capital letters than anyone I’ve ever seen.

BTW, I’d like a copy of the form too.

The caplock button.

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Cmon guys quit being silly, all the forms are right on Citizens website, you know this.

I never bothered to read or check it.

I figure the agent ought to know what they need.
Send me the form and i’ll fill it out :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin. I don’t do commercial work (yet) so I never looked for the forms

Kevin, thanks for the information. Looks like MIT-BT II & III rev 08/08 is the only form required for a low rise condo. Is that correct? Also, off subject here, but what’s the going rate for a 12 unit condo building? Just had a request yesterday to price two buildings. Thanks!

It depends if you are just doing the Commercial form for the building or doing shutter verification or 1802 for the units as well. Typically wont take you that long if it is just the building so your price for just that would not be much different then any other wind mit.

Thanks Preston, good information. I was basically working a per unit price in my head. Does $600 for a 12 unit condo seem ball park to you guys?

You will never get it because of the many fools out there that do them for pennies. You would think that seems about right. I have gave some similar bids and never got the jobs.

Please do tell me if I am wrong and if you do get it.

GOOD LUCK :smiley:

Thanks Mike. It’s part of a larger quote so it’s not too critical. These commercial wind mits are not something I intend to pursue, just like residential wind mits. I do wind mits on just about every comprehensive inspection for a nominal fee - $75 on top of normal inspection fee. Also, do some stand alones for $125 when requested. Funny story I was talking with an insurance agent who happened to be an old school friend. She mentioned that I should drop off my information and pricing since she refers out approximately 4-5 wind inspections a week. I dropped by gave her some cards/brochures. She asked what my fees are and I told her $150 if I do all the scheduling and $100 if it’s scheduled by her. Then I asked her what her current guy charged. She said $65. I chuckled and told her she should keep using him.

Meeker, I will pitch in $10 to help buy you a keyboard without a CAPS LOCK key.

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Why would the agent care how much you charge unless you’re trying to rip people off of course. 150 is a little high on the pricing scale.

Commercial ones though I would charge at least 150

Just upload a photo of the Caps Lock Key removed and Ill send you $10.

We price Commericial wind mitigation based upon the size and number of buildings. A two story 4 unit building is much easier than a 10 story 100 unit.

Good Idea :slight_smile:

I just may need it some day :frowning:

10 story with concrete roof deck, commercial wind mitigation may be easier, 2 story would be 1802 and may have an attic

Individual shutter verification changes everything

Multiple buildings get a per building rate