Commercial workplace Florescent Light requirements

We are conducting an inspection on office building and client ask what the requirements were for florescent lights in the workplace. We are looking for some information on the requirements and what specialist we would refer for testing etc. Thanks Al Rickard Certified Master Inspector

I hope not to be late for your inspection. This article is not only interesting to read, it is also very informative. It also gives further reading choices.

Basically, the article states that there is no one setting that will make everyone happy. The amount of fluorescent light -or any man made light- is an individual choice regulated by many subtle variables, including whether the person is an introvert or extrovert. The author recommends that lighting be under the control of the person using it.

Hope this helps.

You would need to speak with a lighting designer/ engineer there are a number of lumens per sq feet required in office buildings they will give you specs Concerning reflectiveness depending on the floor covering , height of ceiling etc.