CommercialNet offers exclusive PocketINSPECT deal to InterNACHI members.

CommercialNet is proud to present an exclusive and valuable service to InterNACHI members called PocketINSPECT.

Over 65 million U.S. adults are using smartphones, and 13 million more people in the U.S. are converting to smartphones each year. To assist InterNACHI inspectors in serving this market more effectively, we created PocketINSPECT as a multi-functional, smartphone-friendly webapp that provides InterNACHI inspectors with features that assist with mobile marketing, lead generation, and client communications.

As a “webapp”, PocketINSPECT works equally well on desktop browsers or smartphone browsers without the need to download a “phone app”.

PockeINSPECT is the ONLY dedicated webapp that provides InterNACHI inspectors with the following features:

 * Up to twenty editable pages to create a gorgeous and functional mobile website
 * Home Maintenance Support Adviser program with the ability to monetize relationships
 * QR Code integration
 * Printable QR Code label and flyer templates
 * Managed articles in printable PDF format
 * Inspection Request form
 * Satisfaction Survey form
 * Referral/Lead Generation form
 * Savings and Incentive tracker
 * Commenting thread
 * Editing Environment
 * Editing ToolBox w/ pre-built page templates, graphics library, and much more

The PocketINSPECT program does not require you to submit any client information to us, and no client data belonging to you is ever stored by us in any database. We do not market or push anything to your clients, either. Your client’s privacy is totally assured.

As a bonus, every InterNACHI inspector who registered will receive our bi-weekly “Inspector Surge” marketing letter that will teach you everything you need to know about marketing in the modern era of mobile communications, electronic media, and Internet branding (among other things).

The cost is $99 (once/setup) plus $11.99 per month for content access, technical support, and managed hosting of your account.

Here are some important links:

See a live PocketINSPECT account:

See a pre-loader account (what you get before customization):

Learn more about PocketINSPECT for InterNACHI members:

Register for PocketINSPECT for InterNACHI members:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at You may also reach Robert Humphries directly at (also a Google Talk account for live chats). If you must call by phone, then dial (404) 729-1007.

Thank you in advance for you time to explore this opportunity.

Looks like someone is wanting a piece of Thornberry’s action. Is there room on this message board for* two* dubious vendors of ill repute?

Film at eleven.

Robert Humphries? Really? WOW! You really have lost it!

"I’ve been doing business with Robert for about four or five years, and he has done wonders for my company. He’s innovative. He takes risks. He is 100% dedicated to us inspectors.

If you want to know whether or not Robert is capable of helping your business grow, ask someone like me who has been a client for YEARS. I personally RECOMMEND Robert. He is continuously updating and improving my sites, links, etc.I continuously receive compliments about the products he has completed, constructed and provided for my company.

Have him come on this thread. I have a few questions about the product.

Interesting font there, Phil.

Any particular reason why you chose to enter your own post with quotation marks?

How would you compare his products to those offered by P. Nathan Thornberry?

*“I’ve been working for Nick Gromicko for many years and he has done wonders for me. He is the smartest person I know and he is the most handsome man on earth and Nick can leap tall buildings in a single bound.”

*Ha ha. *:stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Robert is so busy helping members he doesn’t have time to post.

Good morning, Nick. I was finally able to register as a guest but I couldn’t use “Robert Humphries” and my old login credential for some reason. I hope you don’t mind me using “Pocket Inspect” instead. I understand you have some questions for me. Fire away.

He needs to post in a thread where Thornberry is posting if he wants to appear to be a legitimate vendor.

I received the following email a few moments ago …

In light of his apology and his willingness to acknowledge and learn from his past mistakes (instead of attacking those who point them out and covering them up with more lies) … I want to publicly apologize for comparing him in any manner to his lesser, Nathan Thornberry. I don’t recommend his services to anyone, but I appreciate his direct way of addressing criticism.

I decline his offer for his service and, instead, invite him to provide it to James Braun if he is inclined to accept it, for past services paid for and not rendered.

He is not a member and so has to wait for moderation with each post. He has posted in post #9.

Robert just now joined InterNACHI as an invisible member, so if he logs in using his member username and password, he will be able to post without waiting for moderators.

Done. I’m logged in and available to answer questions. Please let me know if this is the appropriate thread or not. Thanks.

You’re in the right place.

Can you tell me why I should buy this product. Pretend I’m a home inspector.

Deleted since the issues is resolved.

So that is what you do. How do you do it? How would you make it easier for my clients and future clients to contact me and book inspections?

Again … your openness about your intent to get into the “pockets” of home inspectors is refreshing. Recent vendors sharing that same desire have been less forthcoming. :wink:

LMAO - good one.

I do not want anything to do with Robert at this time, I am still sore about the whole ordeal. Robert did email me just now, but did not offer to refund my money again. I am not the only inspector he took the money from and did not provide the product. Sad but true.