Commission to provide mold pamphlet.

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(April 16, 2004) – The Louisiana Real Estate Commission has approved a new mold informational pamphlet that real estate professionals may provide to their clients. The pamphlet consists of the Environmental Protection Agency’s existing guide for residential and commercial properties.

The pamphlet was created in response to a 2003 law that required the LREC to provide material on mold that real estate licensees can share with their clients. The law, which takes effect July 1, requires licensees either to give a copy of the pamphlet to clients or direct buyers to the EPA mold Web site where they can read the pamphlet online, according to Norman Morris, senior vice president of the Louisiana Association of REALTORS?.

"Although distributing the pamphlet isn't mandatory, it will definitely benefit consumers at residential and commercial properties where mold may be an issue while at the same time eliminating some liability exposure for licensees," Morris says.

By Bridget McCrea for REALTOR? Magazine Online