Commitment + dedication + education = Success!


What a fantastic turnout to the “Grow Your Business” seminar last night! Thank you to all that made the effort to attend. Your support was greatly appreciated not only by me, but also Nick Gromiko, who was a very proud parent last night!

Inspectors came from as far as way as Tennessee, Alabama and many of the out reaches of Georgia in addition to Atlanta. It has been a long time since I have seen such dedication.

Personally, I have been involved in many great inspector meetings and training events where unfortunately inspectors feel bad traveling 5 miles to attend, let alone a 3-4 hour trip!

Having great leaders with great support is imperative to the success of this organization.

Last night we met both veteran inspectors and new inspectors alike, some of which have been NACHI members for over 8 years. Like myself, some also belong to more than one association or did at one time in their career. But last night all had one thing in common; all were proud NACHI members!

You could sense the gratefulness of every member for what the association and chapter continues to do daily for them and their companies. Every member, non member and guest was welcomed with open arms.

Again, I congratulate everyone for taking time out of their schedules to attend this important seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to getting an invite back to another great event soon.



Nearly 100 attended. Michael and I have never done a show together and now I’m glad that I opened for him. He’s a tough act to follow.

Michael and Nick,

Thank you both for an extremely informative and very interesting night. I learned many things but the most important is that I’ve got to get up running everyday. I’ve really got a lot to learn and a lot to do. Thanks for bringing me to the reality that there is much more to running a business, than running a business.

I look forward to getting a infra red class to Atlanta.



No problem. I am organizing dates for the infra red class and will call you soon.

Great to meet you at last.



Thanks Men,
I’ve been a NACHI member for a little over a year and try to attend every meeting I can. I too look forward to the infrared class.
I’m one of the ones who drove that 4 hrs. to get there. Worth it though.

W. Frank,

Michael gave everyone who drove far his CD of defects (also found at the bottom of the homepage of as Tip of the Day).

Did you give him your business card so that he can send it to you?