Common Consumer Questions

Can you guys give me a list of 5-10 questions that you’re often asked by consumers. Things that are specific to inspections in general, not your business specifically…


  1. Are you insured?
  2. Do you get in the attic or crawlspace?
  3. The realtor told me to call you, what is a home inspection?
  4. What do you inspect?
  5. Will you tell me the value of the house?
  6. What is Radon, Mold, etc…

1 - How much do things cost to repair?
2 - Is something major or minor?
3 - What should I do next?
4 - Can I pay you the second Tuesday of next week?
5 - Do you own a jet ski? I’m going to sue you when I get home.

how much?
are you CAHPI certified?
are you licensed?
do you do WETT inspections?
how long do you take?
when can i get my report?

  1. How much to you cost?
  2. What do you inspect?
  3. Do I need a Radon test?
  4. Do I need a mold test?
  5. How much will the repairs cost?

Do you do the inspection or do you sub them out?
What kind of experience do you have?
Why aren’t you a member of ASHI?
Do you print the report onsite?

…Raydon Mold owns a delicatessen down the street.

I sure wouldn’t eat a sammich from a deli with a name like Raydon Mold. :smiley:

I take that back, I probably would! :wink:

When can you do it?
When do I get the report?
Can you test the A.C. this time of year?
Are you certified?
Will you come do the inspection or are you sending an employee?
Where are you located?