Commonly Seen Problem

Around here (Chicago area) there aqre many older brick apartment buildings. Theu are usually coped at the parapet with clay tiles.


Seems that the roofers don’t want to re-seal the tile joints with hydralic cement, but merely fill the cracks with roofing cement.


This stuff does not adhere to the clay or the old cement. Instead, it creates little funnels that serve to catch more water and allow it to empty,directly, into the wall.

Go figure.

Hereby submitted for defect of the month.

Do you have any interior shots? IR images?

There will be some large lawsuits when people are killed from the roof-floors collapsing in the near future.

That’s great, reminds of that saying, for the man with only a hammer every problem becomes a nail. I guess for the man with only a tar kettle…