comp roof install

Hi Guys

I have always known that to install comp on roof you need to install
over solid wood . I saw a home with comp put over roof paper and spacers now is this not incorrect? You cant walk on this your foot will go through . is this something new?


How did you view this? If you were looking from the attic, you may have seen the old skip sheathing for a shake roof with the old tar paper still in place. They may have put new plywood or osb sheathing over the top of that. Any pics?

You ought to email Kenton Shepard; he’s become our in-house roof expert.

Send pics, too.

It’s a defective installation, Tony. Manuifacturer’s requirements are typically 1/8" to 1/4" gap maximum in the roof sheathing.

Thanks Kenton and guys for response help.I did not inspect this house
this was in my neighborhood and i was just an observer. definitly spacers
are about 2 inches or more apart .it was a roof shake being removed and
also the felt paper . Same design as my house
same year and i have spacers under shake so i didnt see them take
the spacers out or install solid over new paper ,they went over the old spacers
it all happen in 2 days so quick to quick. anyway , i was just inquiring because i know what i saw.
No pictures sorry, thanks for your help.

Two days isn’t long. Had 2 guys remove my shake roof, install new sheathing, paper and a new aluminum shingle roof. 2 1/2 days including clean-up. Doesn’t take long to install new sheathing.

If it had a shake roof installed, it’s definitely better than just comp shingles over spaced sheathing. The shakes form a substrate that will at least allow you to walk the roof.