Companion for reinspect

Is there a way to use the companion to do reinspect? I made reinspection of report like normal on computer, then uploaded to cloud and then got from cloud with iPad. Can’t figure out how to get the auto pass/fail comments in. Looks like I need the training course… Thanks!

I’ve completed several re-inspections and report addendum’s with the companion, never had a problem. I don’t know what you mean by auto pass/fail comments, can you explain what you are trying to achieve?

The pass fail is not yet in the HG Companion for re-inspect. It is on our list for the next update along with a HG5 update.

In HG5 desktop there is a re-inspect feature that excludes all non summary items and flags all summary items. Then using the Drop down Find Unanswered changed to Find Flag items it takes you to each flag item where you can then select the Pass or Fail stamp. Of course the Pass or Fail stamp is your auto-comment where you essentially pass or fail the re inspected item.

Until we add the Pass Fail stamp in the HG Companion one could select the re inspect feature on the desktop and then send the prepped report to the cloud and onto the HG Companion and manually respond with a pass fail comment.


I didn’t know that pass/fail feature was there! It’s hidden on an icon that gets ignored. I will start using it from now on, if I can remember about it when needed. I’ve been manually typing in all of my re-inspection comments.


Do you use smart letter? *(letter) control-space. Let’s you put in a set comment quickly. I just figured out last week and saves lots of time!!