Company called: SMS Assist

Has anyone heard of or dealt with a company by this name. Company out of Chicago. seems like another third party manager but I haven’t seen the email yet. They do have a website, lot of gibberish mostly.

No one seems to have heard of this company. That includes the property managers I work with, so they must be fairly new. Any way we came to terms for a few inspections and I’ll let you all know how it works out. Gotta watch these ‘third party’ marketers.

That would be great, Bob. It helps many inspectors to have the inside scoop on how it is to work with different companies.

Strike one. They have a 7 page contract they want me to sign that basically says they have all the rights in any dispute and I’m liable for any costs associated with said dispute. Costs could be whatever they want since they’re a third party vendor.

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At least you read it, Bob…talk about one sided. :roll_eyes:

One strike and you’re out as far as I am concerned. LOL!

I had to download as a pdf and blow it up to read it! :crazy_face:

Talk about :crazy_face: . That is it!

Two rules to live by:
1.) Never sign anything you haven’t read.
2.) Never give up your weapon!


I see so many people sign without reading that it shocks me. :flushed:

I was in a doctors office and the wanted me to sign that I have read and received their HIPPA policy.

I walked up to the window and said that I haven’t been given a copy to read so I can’t sign that and she said no problem and handed me a copy.

I went back and sat down and read it until I came to this statement; “If anyone comes into our office and request a copy of my records they are entitled to receive the by saying my name and issuing the request.”

I went back up to the window and said that I can’t sign this because I don’t want just anyone to have a copy of my records simply by mentioning my name.

She said; “Oh, they won’t be able to do that.” and I said well that is what it says right here. And she read it and said Oh, that isn’t what that means. And, I said well I can’t sign it because that is exactly what it says. And she got up in a huff and said she would get the office manager.

The office manager came out and said that if I didn’t sign it the doctor probably won’t see me. And I retorted that she should be thanking me for pointing this out…and then she read it where I had underlined and turned red faced and said in a whisper; “That IS what it. says.”

Anyway, I struck that line and had her initial it and I did too and got a copy and she thanked me profusely and said no one had ever said anything about that in the 5 years that they had been using that copy. LOL