Company Name

New to home inspection… I am wondering how important the name of your company is for marketing?

Amazing, NACHI the Swiss Army Knife of home inspection. :smiley:

I am going to rename mine Misalots Inspection.

The other one I am concidering is Dark Shades Inspection .What do you think?

I like both Bob. I think Bob is trying to say that a name can be quite important. You don’t want to send the wrong message, but that is not the most important step you will encounter in this business. Important yes, but not the MOST important. Take your time with it and your company name will just come to you one day. Have fun with it also. Good luck.

A word play off your name

Just In Time Inspections

I’ve gotten several inspections just because someone liked the name, so, guess it’s pretty important as a part of the whole picture.

Ok ,…
on the serious side, forget how it matches who you are and your sensitive feelings.

Look for names that are power words relating to your business.

Look at mine ,and see how I use location.

Possibly as important has your children.

The Realtor is Right Home Inspections…does that help

Nostradamus Home Inspection…

…I see that everything will need replacement in the future…:shock:

DEAL KILLER Home Inspections.

Funny Dave,

I prefer “Assisted Properticide Inspections” :wink:



I think everyone who offers free re-inspections slogan should be-

“We ain’t got time to do it right the first time”, but we got time to do it again!

Ditto on Barry’s suggestion, it is catchy, relates to you and points out that you can save them from making a big mistake.