Company name

Hi everyone, I really enjoy reading this forum and hope to get some direction.
I am in the process of setting up my Thermography company and wonder if anyone has advice on company names. I notice some people have nice word play while others just simply use their name?!

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now? Name your business for then, not now!

Where are you located? Some names point to location of service area.

My opinion is to name your company something easy to spell, easy to find, and hard to forget. Location Home Inspections or location thermography is a horrible name.

I’m not a marketing expert though. Just my two cents

If you can get those as your domain names though, it’s golden.

You can get ranked number one without it so I think it’s not as golden as people believe.

It definitely helps. If someone trying to remember your site they are far more likely to remember or over or

I’m not saying it has to be your company name, but the advantages are great when it comes to domain names.

Thank you for all the input. I agree that the location in the domain name can be helpfull and easy to remember. Naming a company is not as straight forward as I thought. Will update my profile as soon as I named ‘my baby’

It is most definitely Golden. I can run across the country too but it Forest Gump 3 months to do it. If I fly it only takes 5 hours. The point is that your domain name is a HUGE boost to your rank as long as your site is relevant for those phrases. Go Google Chicago Home Inspector, Denver Home Inspector, Brooklyn Home Inspector, Dallas Home Inspector, San Francisco Home Inspector, etc. You’ll notice all the top sites have city in their domain (and happen to be HIP sites!).

Thanks Dom but it didn’t take me long to get ranked and I would rather have my company name as my domain.

And most people do, and that company domain forwards to the one for Google. As long as you have no competition that’s fine. If I come do a talk in your area and 50 people go out and implement what I teach, you’re in trouble.