says InterNACHI just broke another all-time record for unique visitors.


Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Nice!! Way To Go Nick :slight_smile:

By the way marketing to a realtor today, she stated she only uses InterNACHI Inspectors, Glad I am part of a great organization.:smiley:

Nice. The free, approved continuing education to real estate agents is really warming agents up to InterNACHI: They are experiencing how great our courses are, first hand.

Yes been dropping those off as well, and they love it.

Please post results for and


Don’t be mean to the mini-societies.


I pulled up ASHI and it stated no data available as this site has low traffic :mrgreen:

I’m sure it cause I have to pay for it… I am horrible, don’t mean to diss on ASHI

No, it’s free. The mini-societies have low data because they don’t get much traffic.

There is no doubt that the InterNACHI forum gets a ton of traffic each day. That is evidenced by the high volume of new threads and posts every single day.

Joghn, that wouldn’t be nice…LOL;-) But I’m with you:cool: