Competence, ethics, licensing

I recently had a home inspection and after the fact found out that:

The inspector falsified his credentials in terms of corporate identity, and business license status.

He was selected by my Realtor and I had not way of knowing whether he was competent. The inspection resulted in:

  1. False reporting of the condition of the HVAC duct work. It was completely dysfunctional and I have two sets of photographs attesting to that condition.

  2. The inspectors “excuse” for the failure to identify the defects was that the insulation was “too thick” In fact the insulation was far less than the report indicated and did not cover any of the ducts. Inspector took photos that I use as proof. Inspector did not take any photos of the duct defects.

There are other defects unreported but that are now documented in a Better Business Bureau complaint that I have offered to submit to arbitration.

My question is "Since there is no licensing for competence (in CA) how does one file a competence and ethics complaint against an inspector that very well may have colluded with the Real Estate Agent to foster a sale with concealed defects.

Was he an InterNACHI member?

Talk to your lawyer he will give you good advice .

I agree with Roy, talk to your lawyer.

Any indication if this inspector was a member of a home inspection association?

Most have professional practices committees or some indication whether an inspector is a member and may be subject to discipline.

Did you even bother to research this company or did you just go on your Realtor’s recommendation?

Did your Realtor offer more than one inspection company or was it just the one that you went with?

How long was your inspector at the house for the inspection?