Competitive Mobile Phone Rates

I was paying $260/month for 3 phones. Just switched to an unlimited plan for $160/month. Got a mobile hotspot for $1.

Thats a pretty decent deal. An extra $1200 saved is always a good thing. Unlimited data is the only thing I would care about. All the providers are tightening the reins on data and draining their user’s pockets for it.

Curious… how many GB’s are you guys using on a monthly basis (ave)?

I only get three on my plan and I try to restrict cellular data and go through wifi. Overall usage is about 10-20Gb per month.

ATT has a new plan that ends soon. Unlimited, talk, text and 10GB of data. Bargain $130, plus you get your choice of device. Otherwise, just the device cost $700 each. I compared all options and this came the cheapest for me.

2 GB for two phones. Avg is 4 GB/month.

Is that just for you, just for your biz, family plan? What/how many devices are you using?

Looking to make some changes this year, and doing some research beforhand.

Thanks for the info.

Check out Republic Wireless.
My only squawk is a very limited phone selection.
But it seems to work for us.

I pay $110 for unlimited text and talk and 500 MB 4G service each. (5 lines)

After 500Mb is still unlimited but at 2g speeds.


I use Verizon and have unlimited text and talk with 3mb.
Use one phone and a tablet for 118.00/month.

I switched to t mobile this past summer. $70.00/month unlimited data, phone and messaging. 2.5gb of hot spot use. I’ve been averaging 4 gigs of data per month.

The comparable Verizon plan was close to double the cost, which is why I switched.

So if you are paying $70 for a plan with 2.5gb, and you are actually using 4.0gb… what are you paying per month for the additional 1.5gb?

This is where I am trying to research. Seems most everyone purchases way too many gb’s as overkill, or they are all paying extra fee’s for additional gb’s at the end of the month, at fairly significant fee’s.

T mobile $70 plan says unlimited high speed.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. My phone has a hotspot function, which is limited to 2.5gb of data through that hotspot. I have unlimited data for my phone, and I use approx 4gb of that. I hardly ever use my hotspot so I don’t come close to that cap.

Edited: Added screenshot with my plan details to eliminate confusion