Competitor "Lapse in Judgement"

I was as a clients home today, they are selling it and the buyer had another inspector out. The guy put the ladder up to inspect the roof and knocked the downspout off the gutter, left it in the nearby shrub, then instead of either putting it back, or least telling the home owner, he wrote it up as a defect. The neighbor actually saw him hit it with the ladder.

Granted it should be secured so a ladder shouldnt easily disconnect the gutter, but this is differrent that something breaking during s test like attic stairs failing when you pull them down etc…

It wasnt a big deal for the owner to put it back, but he was a bit upset at the point of it, it was fixed in a few minutes.

The guy wrote up a gutter down spout that he detached, but missed the fact that there were no smoke or CO detectors anywhere.