In the early hours of this morning, this woke me up quicker than any coffee would.

dangerous walk.JPG

What happened? wake up at some place and you don’t remember how you got there?..:mrgreen: …:lol:

Ahhh…the good ole’ days…:lol:

That’s a good one, Dale. :smiley:

I remember those days well, but I was usually walking up the stairs from a basement. :smiley:

Do you remembr her name??? Do you have the phone #'s and locations of the free clinics up in Detroit???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but I may need a clinic when I get back from Detroit. :smiley:

:-& …ahah…:oops:

A friend of mine was having a Butler Building constructed in Port Jervis N.Y many many years ago.

So I flew there to help him with the slab, and woke up with a slob…:oops:

Last I remember was playing a Trumpet standing on the bar…:lol:

And I don’t play a Trumpet…:margarit:

Where did the time go? :o

Watch that first step… :mrgreen: