Completing inspections onsite

Is anyone using the Home Gauge app or software and completing the inspection on site?

Does anyone know of a webnar or instructions for tweaking the software to complete inspections on the Home Gauges website?

I am trying to create a routine using this software to complete inspectons onsite.

Question for you all:

Do you complete inspections onsite? Why or why not?

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Stephen Rager :wink:
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This might help. Russell has several videos on You Tube.

No. Although they might be a good draft… I have yet to have one that I have not tweaked some to make it what I like. Personally… but maybe I am wrong… I am not sure anybody can make a polished, finished report onsite (unless they sit in vehicle afterward and work on it). Or maybe I am too picky.

We finish most of ours on site. Some tweaking and checking afterwards.

How long does it take you to do a full comprehensive home inspection on a home up to 2000sq ft? I did my first on site yesterday and took me about 4 hrs. 3 hrs for the home inspection and 1 hr for the report tweaking. I use HG and use the companion app out in the field. I just fill like I am taking too long. It seems like I can’t do no more than 2 inspections a day. I just want to cut down the late night reporting:D

Normally we do four inspections with a crew of three. With Wdo wind mit and four point.

The slowest part is taking pictures. It used to take me 2-3 hours plus about an hour+ for the report. Twenty mins for styles and materials, twenty mins to insert images and min twenty mins for comments.

With the app styles and materials are faster on the phone. Almost all images are inserted from my phone and most comments are done. I don,t think it ads thirty mins to my field time now. Google voice works great most days, when an auto comment will not do.

After practicing I can do two homes a day with little work afterwards, alone. All that being said if it is a pos then i usually go back to the camera and write much at home, but still do the styles and materials on the phone.

I don’t schedule late inspections.

I hope that helps

Thanks John, going to try on today home inspection. :smiley: