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I was talking to a Home Inspector today that belonged to another organization. I wanted to get some info on Radon testing. He mentioned that in Pa. you needed to include a “compliance form” with each inspection.

I get the Pa. specific Agreement signed before I do any inspections but I'm not sure what he is referring to on the compliance form.

This guy seemed to have a problem with NACHI so I would prefer not asking him.

Any help would be appreciated.

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This is a PAR Form.

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Thanks for the quick reply Joe but now I have another question.

NACHI does not distinguish between types of members - full member having completed 100 inspections - not a full member not completed 100 inspections. But it seems the Pa. Association of Realtors and the Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition do distinguish.

Additionally Senate Bill 1032 states that a home inspector needs to belong to a national association that among other things requires its members to complete 100 inspections before it can classify that member as a full member.

Nachi doesn't distinguish so does it (NACHI) meet the above requirement?

Is it a state requirement that I provide the compliance form or only a requirement of the Association of Realtors and the Coalition of Inspectors?

If I provide the Compliance form what do I check? I have not done 100 inspections and if I check I am not a full member I need to be supervised by a full member - which poses a problem since I am a one man operation.

I don't want to panic but I have invested a considerable amount of time and money so far and I relied on NACHI to help me make sure I dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. Am I breaking state law or sticking my neck out by doing inspections without providing the Compliance Form?

And if I provide the form how can I check I am a full member - I can't just because NACHI doesn't distinguish.

I appreciate your help on this.

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Verbatim from PA LAW (copied and pasted)

5 (3) Requires that a person may not become a full member
7 100 HOME INSPECTIONS AND has passed a recognized or
8 accredited examination testing knowledge of the proper
9 procedures for conducting a home inspection.

1 enforceable unless it requires SHALL PROVIDE that the home <
2 inspection be performed by a full member in good standing of a
3 national home inspection association in accordance with the
4 ethical standards and code of conduct or practice of that
5 association. A home inspection performed by a person who has not
6 attained full membership in a national home inspection
7 association satisfies the requirements of this subsection <
8 SECTION if the person is supervised by a full member in good <
9 standing of a national home inspection association who agrees to
10 be responsible for the home inspection report by signing the
11 report.
12 (b)

I hope this helps to clarify the law. You will need to do ride alongs until you reach 100 inspections OR find a home inspector who is a full member in good standing to SIGN your reports and agree to take full responsibility.

Good luck with your endeavor

4 ? 7502. Definitions and index of definitions.
5 (a) Definitions.--The following words and phrases when used
6 in this chapter shall have the meanings given to them in this
7 section unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
8 "Home inspection." A noninvasive, visual examination of some
9 combination of the mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems or
10 the structural and essential components of a residential
11 dwelling designed to identify material defects in those systems
12 and components, and performed for a fee in connection with or
13 preparation for a proposed or possible residential real estate
14 transfer. The term also includes any consultation regarding the
15 property that is represented to be a home inspection or that is
16 described by any confusingly similar term. The term does not
17 include an examination of a single system or component of a
18 residential dwelling such as, for example, its electrical or
19 plumbing system or its roof. The term also does not include an
20 examination that is limited to inspection for, or of, one or
21 more of the following: wood destroying insects, underground
22 tanks and wells, septic systems, swimming pools and spas, alarm
23 systems, air and water quality, tennis courts and playground
24 equipment, pollutants, toxic chemicals and environmental
25 hazards.


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