Composite granite kitchen sink ... good choice?

We’re remodeling our kitchen. Our counter tops are laminate, so we need a self rimming sink. We like a black composite granite sink by Pegasus we found at Home Depot … it would look great in our application and be a nice change from the stainless steel sink we’ve had the past several years. However, our plumber doesn’t like granite sinks … says there is a problem with cracking and staining, plus he’s had problems with the punch-outs for the faucet, etc.

The guy at Home Depot says that this sink is one of their best sellers and that they get no returns. He says that the only cracking problems with these sinks is before they are installed and not aferwards?

Anybody have any experiences, good or bad, they would like to share about these sinks? Are we better off going back to stainless or even using something entirely different?

Hi Bill,

The Silgranit sinks are made by a european (German) company called Blanco, the material itself is 80% granite powder as a filler and held together by modified acrylic polymers, in this respect the material is very similar to DuPonts Corian or ICIs’ Asterite.

The material itself is very durable and Blanco are well known for the quality of their products in Europe.

Here’s a link to their technical stuff:



Just make sure the knockouts line up with your fixture choices.
This can all be done ahead of time .

Bill, when I built my daughter and son in laws house they picked out the same sink, my daughter did!!! anyway, we did have a problem with quality.

You need to inspect the sink before you leave the store, they are prone to damage in areas that you would not normally see, but they are very happy with it and it was installed two years ago.

PS needs cleaning everyday to look good.

PS. I remodeled my kitchen, also in 2006 and installed a Kohler cast iron sink with black porcelain finish, sink and faucet cost $800.00 but I love it.

Water spots, water spots, water spots. When you clean the sink you have to dry it.

I picked one of the double deep Kohler cast iron sinks up at our local Habit for Humanities for less than $100.00 for a rent house

A lot of the seconds and surplus type dealers have great finds