Composite siding with paper thin vinyl wrap

I am trying to identify siding on a house that I believe to be composite, but wrapped in a paper thin vinyl (not paint) wrapped to about 3/4" around the back. Wherever the vinyl wrap is damaged, it is wet behind, like normal composite.

Siding Pics 004.jpg

Siding Pics 003.jpg

Siding Pics 007.jpg

Please contact me if you have an idea as to what this siding is called or made of exactly.
Thank you, Dave O’Hara

Siding Pics 004.jpg

Siding Pics 004.jpg

Siding Pics 004.jpg

Hi Dave,

I have seen that product once before, but I can’t remember who made it, you may be able to identify it off the website.

They are the real experts in this field, if you get stuck call them, they are old friends of iNACHI.

BTW, they also sell a guidebook to composite siding which is very reasonably priced.